Sunday, September 22, 2013

Is this real life?!

My apologies, everyone, for the extended hiatus.  Transitioning into a new job and new life post college has been a crazy journey and a million changes that I could never have foreseen all seemed to happen at once.  This is the first time my real life has been more interesting and exciting than any sort of fantasy escape I could imagine. I couldn't not indulge in living it to the fullest!
Life has settled down a bit so it's time to get back to writing and blogging! I'm happy to be back :) I'll be posting a few belated posts soon!
Still rocking the studded bracelets and dark eyebrows :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Witchy Work Wear

Well this was from earlier this summer, but, but honestly my business attire won't change much with the seasons. Here's another version of my weird goth business casual attire. Naturally almost all my work clothes are black just like everything else in my wardrobe, and I love how sleek and edgy a black suit is. Paired with the skinny studded belt and my favorite skull necklace, it's just enough to push the boundaries. 

And let's talk about these shoes!

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July/A Pirate's Life for Me!

Fourth of July just so happens to be my favorite holiday of all time (well, maybe tied with Halloween since I obviously love to dress up!). I love fireworks and being outside, and I could not have asked for a more perfect day to spend with my beautiful friends! 

Unsurprisingly, I don't have a very patriotic outfit to share with you all. About the only thing in my wardrobe that isn't black was this red and white striped pirate bandana I got for a Halloween costume a few years back. It's kinda patriotic, right? But since I love pirates even more than fireworks, I thought it worked perfectly! It was also another excuse to wear my favorite lace-up little black dress, which also has a pirate vibe.

The highlight of my evening was running into a fellow pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow! Every year, he can be found wandering the Excelsior, MN commons area on the fourth, and I always look forward to running into him for a picture. :) He even stuck around to watch fireworks with me and my friends . Obviously we're a couple lucky wenches. A pirate's life for me!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transitioning into "Real Life"

Well, I've officially survived my first two weeks at my corporate job, and it's been quite the transition. It's been a challenge learning to manage my new schedule and life. I'm glad I had the realization this year just how important it is to hang on to what I love and what makes me unique and not to throw any of these things away no matter where I am in life.

Here's how I've been able to do that lately, even now that I have to be a so-called real adult.

1. Fashion. The great thing about working for a company whose dress code is business casual is that I still have room for self-expression. Below is my outfit from casual Friday: I rocked a Hogwarts tee under my blazer and paired skinny black jeans with my studded combat boots (sorry no full outfit photos!). A blazer dresses anything up...right? I always have my skull or Slytherin jewelry on daily with my button-ups and pencil skirts, along with a (slightly) more subtle smokey eye than my usual gothed out eyeliner. I can enjoy my job so much more when I can express myself in these little ways.

2. Sword fighting. Nothing like a new hobby to spice up life a bit. I scored a Groupon for Medieval Combat lessons, and as it's been my ambition to become a pirate lately (and I'm writing a novel featuring pirates), I figured what better way to get into character than to learn some good old sword fighting. I'm completely addicted. My coworkers like to give me a hard time about this. I think they all thought I was kidding at first...

3. Developing my "personal brand." We've talked a lot about this at work, and while I've wanted to obviously present myself as competent, I think part of my, er, charm is that I'm kinda quirky. Everyone already knows me as the resident Harry Potter nerd (I showed up with the seventh book in my purse on the first day of training and admitted that I was in the process of my annual re-read of the series). When we had to go around and introduce ourselves and say a weird fact, I announced that -- though I used to be super embarrassed about admitting it -- I've been a Harry Potter fan fiction writer for ten years. I got a bit of playful teasing, but once again, I was hardly shunned because of it. I want to present myself as quirky, nerdy, and smart, a brand I feel like will let me be successful while still feeling like me. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Day of Work!

Don't worry, I didn't wear the following outfit to my first day at my corporate job! I had to have one last hurrah of un-classiness this weekend before being forced into business casual 5 days a week. And nothing says screams IDGAF like ripped up jeans, a cut-off Jack Daniels shirt, and old Converse. I had fun with the ensemble, and it was a great way to beat the rainy day blues (seriously, summer, where are you?!).

Now, here's the real outfit from my first day at my big girl job! Though I'm forced to dress nicely, I refuse to abandon my personal style completely. I've called myself the Corporate Witch Pirate for a reason! I decided to rock the pirate look for day one. The red stripes and rolled up sleeves on the button-up have always seemed pirate-y to me (I may or may not have actually worn it for my Halloween costume this past year?). Even if I'm the only one who immediately makes the pirate association, it still makes me happy inside. I also tossed on a skull necklace and bracelet -- hey, it wouldn't be me without these signature accessories. 

The full ensemble.
Oh, and the HAIR. The weird black-brown-red mess that looked like a botched ombre job is no more. After years off bad black box dye, I finally wanted to do something different (and have a professional do it for me for once; I guess I am an adult now...). I wanted to stay dark, but decided to do something new and exciting. I feel like some weird Ginny Weasley/Lily Evans/Little Mermaid hybrid. And I'm pretty excited about it. :)

Struggling with my new identity as a redhead.
My favorite pirate-y skull necklace.
Pirate bracelets.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sheer Skull Button-up and Maxi Skirt

This outfit includes some of my favorite pieces put together. I adore the sleeveless button-up trend that's going on right now, and this sheer version is extra flirty and edgy. And it's business in the front, party in the features a giant skull. I love how versatile the top is; a nude camisole is sexy without showing too much skin, and it makes the skull pop on the back. When I'm going out on the weekends, I usually pair it with a simple black or white bandeau. 

This cotton maxi skirt from Kohl's is another great versatile piece I love. A black maxi can be casual or classy for summer, but it can also easily have a nice gothic edge to it when paired with the right top and accessories, which is why I particularly liked this outfit. Black on black, with my skull tank, skull necklace, and skull bracelets. Yes, this outfit made me very happy indeed. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Three Casual Dresses for Three Personalities

I haven't posted in a while as the past week or so has been crazy! I was in Orlando all last week to visit Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my two best friends. They are two of the most gorgeous girls I know, and we all have such a distinct sense of style that reflects our individual personalities. And, conveniently, we're all huge Harry Potter fans who each pledge allegiance to a different House. I thought, what better way to celebrate this than with a blog post? 

First up is Quincy, my darling blonde Hufflepuff. We've also dubbed her the "bombshell" of our little trio. Her style centers around clothes that are colorful, flowy, and simple, and this outfit epitomizes both her style and bright personality. I love her color-blocking and how she coordinated the white belt with her white sandals to tie everything together. Perfect summer chic for a nice dinner night!
Color blocking perfection.

White accessories tie everything together.

Next up is sophisticated Stacia, the Ravenclaw. We've fittingly classified her as the "intellectual," and she almost always dresses the part. There's rarely a time where Stacia isn't looking polished. She keeps this outfit versatile with a blazer, so she can go from casual summer chic to polished in an instant. To go along with our Harry Potter-themed outfits, her dress is the dark blue of Ravenclaw, and she's accessorized with a replica of Hermione's Time-Turner necklace. And she too is right on trend with her high-low asymmetrical dress.

Polished and sophisticated with a blazer.
Casual, classy, summer chic without!
Time-Turner necklace and a subtle smoky eye.
Lastly, yours truly, Zoe the Slytherin "rebel." This dress was another one I picked up during my round of summer shopping a few weeks ago. (Once again epic fail on being work appropriate.) I love this dress because the cotton makes it casual and comfortable (all my other dresses are tiny black ones with faux leather, cut-outs, slits, not exactly wearable on a daily basis), and it's really easy to change the look by accessorizing. The best part? Only $12 at Forever21! I bought the corset for a pirate Halloween costume   a few years ago but have gotten a ton of wear out of it since. I would wear it every day if I could. It gives any outfit an edgy, goth feel, and helloooo defined waist! And of course, had to rock my Slytherin necklace for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Flats and the long tail keep this dress from looking too scandalous.
Obsessed with this corset!
Slytherin <3
The spiked flats -- perfect for all the walking around Orlando!