Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Day of Work!

Don't worry, I didn't wear the following outfit to my first day at my corporate job! I had to have one last hurrah of un-classiness this weekend before being forced into business casual 5 days a week. And nothing says screams IDGAF like ripped up jeans, a cut-off Jack Daniels shirt, and old Converse. I had fun with the ensemble, and it was a great way to beat the rainy day blues (seriously, summer, where are you?!).

Now, here's the real outfit from my first day at my big girl job! Though I'm forced to dress nicely, I refuse to abandon my personal style completely. I've called myself the Corporate Witch Pirate for a reason! I decided to rock the pirate look for day one. The red stripes and rolled up sleeves on the button-up have always seemed pirate-y to me (I may or may not have actually worn it for my Halloween costume this past year?). Even if I'm the only one who immediately makes the pirate association, it still makes me happy inside. I also tossed on a skull necklace and bracelet -- hey, it wouldn't be me without these signature accessories. 

The full ensemble.
Oh, and the HAIR. The weird black-brown-red mess that looked like a botched ombre job is no more. After years off bad black box dye, I finally wanted to do something different (and have a professional do it for me for once; I guess I am an adult now...). I wanted to stay dark, but decided to do something new and exciting. I feel like some weird Ginny Weasley/Lily Evans/Little Mermaid hybrid. And I'm pretty excited about it. :)

Struggling with my new identity as a redhead.
My favorite pirate-y skull necklace.
Pirate bracelets.


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  2. Yay for your first day at work! :) So exciting :) And it will become easier as time goes on to fit your style in at work, and see you are already doing it with your accessories!

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